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Recognizing Signs of a Virus Attack on a Flashdisk

Hello Dears, Today in this post we will tell you that Recognizing the Signs of a Virus Attack on a Flashdisk. As one of the most popular data transfer media today, it is not surprising that virus makers often target this media to spread viruses. 

Because of this, it is not uncommon for many people to experience their flash disk being damaged suddenly or losing important data on it.

Usually flash disk damage due to viruses has characteristics or symptoms that often appear. The following are some of the symptoms that appear if the flash disk is infected with a virus:

Recognizing the Signs of a Virus Attack on a Flashdisk

There are many symptoms and characteristics if a flash disk is attacked by a virus which results in our data being lost or the flash disk being damaged. So what are the characteristics of a damaged flash disk infected with a virus? let's get started one by one

1. The appearance of bad sectors

Indeed, for those of us who are ordinary people, recognizing bad sectors is not easy. However, what is clear is that, for example, if the flash disk is defragmented, several bad sectors will appear. This implies that it is where the virus nests.

2. The flash disk volume changes

This is a symptom that often occurs when the flash disk capacity suddenly changes. For instance, your flash disk, which was initially 16GB, may suddenly change to 78KB, indicating a likely virus infection.

However, not all problems associated with reduced capacity are caused by viruses; it could be due to damage in the flash disk components.

3. Some folders/files change size

If you have a folder containing numerous images, and its size suddenly reduces to a few kilobytes (KB), then the folder is likely infected. Logically, when storing many images in a folder, even just one image file would typically exceed 78KB, especially when there are numerous images.

4. A new file appears with a strange name

Suddenly, when you open your computer, you may find files that have never existed or been created before. These files could be in formats such as execute (.exe) or text (.doc), and the extensions are commonly seen, including .dll, .scr, and others. 

Typically, these foreign files are of the same size. If you encounter such a situation, it's crucial to exercise caution and promptly conduct an antivirus scan using the available antivirus software.

5. A new folder appears

If a new folder appears that you never created or copied from somewhere else, especially if the icon looks strange, the folder is definitely a virus on the flash disk.

6. A new file named Folder.htt appears

If a new file suddenly appears on your flash disk called folder.htt, you need to be careful and immediately scan it using an antivirus. Because usually it is a file with the existence of activating viruses.

7. The autorun.inf file appears

The autorun file is used to execute certain files when the flash disk is accessed. Don't try to open this file because the situation will get worse.

8. The desktop.ini file appears

By default , files desktop.ini will never appear on the flash disk if you don't insert them. 

However, if it suddenly appears, then be wary of this flash disk. Don't try to open this file because the situation will get worse.

9. Same Folder Over and Over

If in the folder there is another folder whose name is exactly the same as the parent folder and you never created it, then it is a virus.

10. Run wscript.exe message

When the flash disk is plugged into the computer and the Run message appears in the AutoPaly window, wscript.exe this message is an instruction to activate the virus. 

Usually this message is first in autoplay. If this message appears then never execute the message.


Well, that was getting to know the signs of a virus attack on a flash disk . If this article is useful, you can share it and recommend it to friends who need it. If you have other questions, you can ask via comments.

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