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5 Best Code Editor Applications on the Latest Android Update

Code editor applications on Android are now very easy to get on the Play Store, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, some can be downloaded for free, some can be downloaded for a fee. 

There are several types of code editors available for Android, some are used for web coding such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, some are just ordinary text editors that have limited features.

For people who have a profession as a programmer or just coding as a hobby, they definitely need a code editor application that has complete features and is comfortable to look at, especially if it is for use on an Android cellphone. 

The Android code editor application can not only be used to edit programming code, files in the form of plain text can also be edited easily because apart from functioning as a code editor, it also functions as an Android text editor. 

Below I summarize some of the latest text editor applications or free code editor applications for Android with many complete features.

1. TrebEdit – Mobile HTML Editor

TrebEdit is one of the best HTML code editor applications available for Android currently, with a variety of interesting features available in it. 

With this application, we can edit HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, XML and TXT files easily. Apart from that, TrebEdit has an appearance that is comfortable on the eyes, because the available themes have the right color combination. 

TrebEdit has complete features and is very helpful in making editing work easier via Android. What I like the most is the presence of a toolbar that functions to speed up code typing, because there are code shortcuts available that can be clicked directly without needing to type. 

There is also a floating toolbar on the right that functions as a navigation bar and color picker. And there is also a javascript console which is useful for displaying javascript debug. So it will be easier to find errors in writing JavaScript code. 

In the application there is also a menu for learning about web design which is connected directly to w3schools.com TrabEdit can be downloaded for free, and there are also premium features that can be purchased within the application. One of the advantages of premium features is that you can edit the code shortcut toolbar according to the user's wishes. 

Oh yes, even though it's free, this application doesn't display ads at all, so you don't need to worry about ads. The premium feature only opens application features, not removes ads, because there are no ads at all.

2. Spck Code Editor

Spck Code Editor is an application that also has very complete features, almost the same as TrebEdit, but Spck editor is a little more similar to the Vscode code editor on computers, because it can work on more structured web projects. 

If you want to work on a web project that can easily edit HTML, CSS, PHP, and JS files easily then this application is the best choice. In terms of appearance, this application is also very comfortable to look at with the right color combination. There are many theme options available that you can choose according to your wishes. 

Apart from that, there are also many cool font choices available. The toolbar also provides code shortcuts which unfortunately cannot be edited, but you don't need to worry because there is a shortcut on the toolbar which functions to complete any code you write. The projects you are working on can also be directly integrated into GitHub to make working on your web projects easier. 

This application is available for free on Playstore without a premium version. However, even if it is considered a free version, Spck Code Editor can be said to be a premium application with complete features. Even though this application can be downloaded for free, there are still no annoying advertisements in it.

3. Quoda Code Editor

Quoda Code Editor is also a coding application on Android that can be operated offline. In contrast to the TrebEdit application discussed previously, in my opinion this application is a little difficult to run on a cellphone with low specs. 

But make no mistake, Quoda code editor is also no less in terms of features. This application provides features in the form of live preview, syntax highlighting, color picker, and a fairly complete shortcut toolbar. 

Apart from that, Quoda has a simpler appearance with quite a variety of themes and font choices. 

Quoda Code Editor can be downloaded for free via Playstore, the premium version can be accessed in the application, but the free version alone is sufficient for casual coding needs.

4. Acode – Powerful Code Editor

Acode is a free Android code editor application that supports many programming languages ​​such as PHP, Javascript, C++, and many more. Apart from that, the Acode application is also integrated with GitHub and supports FTP. 

In terms of features, Acode has features that are similar to Quoda in terms of usage and completeness of features. Apart from being able to be used as a code editor, this application can also be used as a text editor because it supports many file formats. 

However, Acode doesn't have a toolbar like the previous 3 applications, so there are no shortcuts for quickly typing code. Code must be written manually. 

Acode has limited features, to get access to all features, you have to download the premium version which is quite expensive. However, only with the free version, I think it is quite useful.

5. DroidEdit – Free Code Editor

In my opinion, DroidEdit is the simplest code editor application but functionally very good. Able to edit various file types such as HTML, XML, CSS, JS and many others. Sytax highlighting is also available which supports many programming languages. 

For casual coding purposes, DroidEdit is the best choice. However, if it is used to work on large projects, it seems less suitable because of the lack of features. 

The available features only include general things such as HTML preview, keyboard shortcut, search replace, and go to line. However, in terms of appearance, this application provides quite a variety of themes and font choices and is comfortable to look at, especially in low light conditions. 

DroidEdit can be said to be a coding application for beginners, because it is easy to use and there are not many things you have to tinker with before working on a project. 

The DroidEdit application can be downloaded for free via Playstore. You can also enjoy the Pro version which is quite affordable.


That's the list of the best applications for coding on Android. I have tried all the applications before and they are very useful. 

Of the five code editor applications above, I highly recommend TrebEdit as the choice because it has complete features and is easy to use. But it depends on your individual comfort, if you have other code editor application options, please leave a comment.

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