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Get To Know The Meaning And Differences Between UNIX and Linux

Hello Readers, Today we will talk about a technology related word Unix and Linux. We will understand the meaning and differences between UNIX and Linux operating systems. The Operating System (OS) is not only dominated by Windows made by the giant company Microsoft, Linux also adorns the world's computer and laptop devices.

Apart from that, there is also an operating system called Unix. Some people are still confused and find it difficult to find the difference between Linux and Unix considering that they both have almost the same name.

Linux Operating System

This Operating system was developed by Linus Torvalds. Initially created as a terminal emulation to access a Unix-based server installed at the university where he studied. Based on further investigation, this OS is a development or clone of a Unix variant called MINIX. 

Linux is listed as an operating system that has a variety of designs based on Unix and uses a Monolithic Kernel to handle control of processes, networks, peripherals and system access. Not much different from Unix, Linux can be controlled with one or more text-based command lines or a Graphical User Interface (GUI). 

The difference between Linux and Unix can be seen from use. Linux is more often used by personal-based computers and laptops. Development from year to year is increasing rapidly even though it is still far behind Windows OS users. The reason most users don't want to use it is because the availability of the software is still limited and they think it is difficult to use for certain purposes, for example games.

Unix Operating System

An operating system created by two expert programmers, Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie, which was then further developed by AT&T Bell Labs. Unix was specifically designed as a multiuser, multitasking and portable operating system. However, the OS is more widely used for server or workstation purposes. This is one of the differences between Linux and Unix. 

Unix has a high level of compatibility so it is often used as material for modification and further development. It is not surprising that there are various Unix variants with their respective advantages and disadvantages, one of the most popular is Linux developed by Linus Torvalds.


The difference between Linux and Unix can be seen from usage. Linux is often used for personal needs so it is installed on a computer or laptop, while Unix is ​​used for workstation or server needs. Linux has the advantage of being an OS that is immune from virus attacks and was developed by world programmers, while Unix is ​​known to be very reliable as a server or database so its commercial price is quite expensive.

So, that was the understanding and differences between UNIX and Linux . If this article is useful, you can share it and recommend it to friends who need it. If you have any problems, you can ask via the comments column.

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