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Insurance Companies Start Using AI Technology, These Are the Benefits

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has entered every layer of industry, including the insurance industry. Currently, insurance companies are deemed to need to adopt the latest technology to improve the quality of customer service. 

One of them is the life insurance company PT AIA Financial (AIA Indonesia), which is the first company in the insurance industry to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) in the talent recruitment process for insurance agents. 

This new innovation aims to simplify the recruitment process for both insurance agent candidates at AIA and for companies, as well as to provide a more objective assessment through the use of AI.

This innovation is in line with AIA's focus on providing leading services and high-quality insurance agents. According to AIA Indonesia Agency Director Kevin Kwon, his party is committed to continuing to provide the best service to its customers and believes that to provide the best service, a quality insurance agent is needed, as a trusted partner for customers. 

"The use of AI Interview technology will help recruiters assess quality insurance agent candidates at the initial selection stage with a more efficient system," said Kevin Kwon in his statement quoted September 12, 2023. 

He further said that AIA Indonesia felt it was very important to create a new system that could make recruitment easier and at the same time, maintain the quality of insurance agents. AI Interview is a new breakthrough in the Indonesian insurance industry, by utilizing artificial intelligence to provide an objective assessment of the quality of candidates. 

The use of AI in recruitment systems brings additional benefits for both parties in terms of flexibility, convenience and time efficiency. Candidates are no longer required to schedule meetings with recruiters, thereby cutting time from conventional recruitment systems. 

Candidates simply need to access and register via the iRecruit platform, once registered, candidates can start an online interview with AI from anywhere and at any time. Recorded interviews will only take candidates a few minutes to complete.

Indonesia country will be the second market where AIA will implement full AI Interview, after Hong Kong. The application of AI and analytics systems in the Hong Kong market has helped every AIA chain agency. By 2022 itself, 80% of AIA Hong Kong's new insurance agents will have been recruited through systems and interviews driven by AI. 

Additionally, in the year 2022, the use of digital tools based on AI and analytics has increased the number of leads generated by AIA by 30% compared to the year 2021. This data shows the benefits of latest technology in the growth of companies, especially through distribution agencies. 

“Furthermore, AIA will continue to innovate to deepen knowledge and harness AI to help millions of families in Indonesia achieve healthier, longer, better lives,” he concluded. ,

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