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7 Health Insurance Cash Plan Premiums are Cheap, Easy Claims, Double Claims

Hospital cash plan health insurance is a type of insurance with affordable premiums and low costs that provide daily financial reimbursement during hospitalization. The benefits of a hospital cash plan are affordable premiums, easy submission without medical check-ups and claims. To find out, I review 7 of the best cash plan health insurance. Is a cash plan right for me?

The cost of treatment is quite expensive, which is known to everyone. The problem is how best to prepare for it, because one day we may get sick.

One of them has health insurance.

However, health insurance premiums are not cheap, especially if you have to cover a family. Luckily for those who have office health insurance, although the allocation of hospital rooms provided by office insurance is often not as expected.

So what's the solution?

I once faced the need for health insurance, while my financial budget was limited.

This is what I do.

The most important and the first I joined BPJS Health first. 

why ? In fact, there is no thought for everyone who takes BPJS Health. Support government programs and help each other in mutual cooperation. There is an obligation for all citizens to join BPJS Health, in addition to protecting health, they also help others through government programs. 

BPJS Health premiums compared to inpatient and outpatient benefits are very economical. Very decent, cheap in my opinion. Although there are many complaints and complaints about services that are still not good, the coverage of BPJS health protection compared to contributions/contributions is very good.

non-cash. You don't need to pay medical expenses with BPJS Health. 

The only health insurance that does not take care of pre-existing conditions is BPJS Health. Pre-existing conditions are a disaster for private health insurance participants because insurance companies do not want to cover medical expenses claims if there is an illness before you become a policyholder (consciously or not) and at the same time, BPJS Kesehatan does not care whether the participant was sick or not before , any disease (default or new) covers them all. With benefits like this and cheap premiums, joining BPJS Kesehatan is a must.

All family members, join BPJS Health by taking first class. 

In our experience, BPJS health services are not as good and as good as private health insurance. 

In addition, having tiered referrals requires participants to prepare themselves well. 

You have to come to the puskesmas to ask for a referral, and then to a further health facility if the puskesmas cannot handle it. 

Seeing this reality, I then looked for other health insurance options. 

Private health insurance with expensive hospital benefits. out of my budget. 

The high premium is reasonable because of the inpatient and outpatient benefits offered, and most importantly, no referral is required. 

Then, what other alternatives can be a supplement or addition to the BPJS Health that I already have. After reviewing and looking at several health insurance products, I came across a hospital cash plan.

Health insurance hospital cash payment plan 

Maternity insurance with cash system for hospitals Hospital cash plan 

Simple hospital cash plan. Because it's simple, the premium is cheap. The benefit of hospital cash plan insurance is that the insurance company provides daily cash compensation to policyholders during hospitalization. 

Cash plan daily insurance benefits are payable on a reimbursement basis.

For example, a hospital cash plan insurance has a profit of Rp. 1 million per day for hospitalization. So if the policyholder stays in the hospital for 5 days, the insurance company will pay IDR 5 million (5 days x IDR 1 million per day). 

Pay directly, enter the account, without the need for a complicated process. 

What are the advantages of cash insurance? 

The premium is cheap and reasonable. I read that insurance companies offer premiums starting from Rp. 100 thousand. Later in the next section I will explain the premium cash plan for each insurance. 

No medical examination is required in the app. Even in some insurance companies, there are several hospital money plan products that are guaranteed, namely insurance requests must be accepted. 

Due to the ease of processing, cash plans can be offered through banks, telemarketing, or online on insurance company websites. You don't have to go through a lengthy application process like health insurance. 

There are no conditions whatsoever for claims.

As long as the policyholder stays in the hospital, daily benefits will be paid as compensation according to the number of days of hospitalization.

Cash from a hospital cash plan can be used for various needs, so the money does not have to be for purposes directly related to hospitalization, for example, or additional costs during illness.

The claim could be doubled. Even if you already have health insurance, on the other hand, you will still benefit from the hospital money plan.

You can make a double claim in the cash plan because it is practical when the insurance claims it only requires proof that the policyholder has been hospitalized.

All hospitals are claimable due to the replaceable nature of claims. There is no limit that only applies to a few hospitals.

After reading and reviewing, I decided to buy a cash plan health insurance other than BPJS Kesehatan which we already have for several reasons:

The premiums are cheap and much cheaper than if I had regular health insurance. Indeed, the benefits of a hospital cash plan are not as complete as the benefits of hospital benefits from health insurance, but because I already have BPJS Health, this is not a problem.

The cash package claim process is simple and does not contain much crime 

It can only be seen from the number of days in the hospital, which makes life easier.

Talking about health insurance, sometimes we still have to worry about excess claims or not, because health insurance benefit plans are strict, often complicated and contain many provisions. When you use the cash plan, the terms of the claim are very easy.

Flexibility in using the cash plan because it is offered in the form of daily cash benefits, so I can use it for various purposes that may not be directly related to hospitalization but are affected by hospitalization. For example, when a family member is in the hospital, there are many additional costs that can be covered through a cash plan.

For those of you on a tight budget, my advice would be to consider taking a hospital cash plan as added protection by not being too burdensome financially.

If your current budget is limited to getting hospital benefits for inpatient health insurance, while the need to cover health costs is urgent, you can take out a cash plan insurance in advance if needed.

In addition, for those who feel that health insurance from the office is still lacking, you can take a cash plan, with the advantage of double claiming.

So where is the health insurance that offers hospital cash plans? My study found 7 keys.

#1 Securing CIGNA

CIGNA is one of the leading insurance companies offering hospital cash packages. 

One of the products I read about was CIGNA PROTEK HEALTHY, which provides 

Hospital Treatment Benefits If the Insured is hospitalized due to illness or accident, compensation starts from Rp. 300,000 rupiah. 1,500,000 per day. 

Operational benefits are paid based on the type of minor, medium, major or special operation starting from Rp. 3,000,000 to Rp. 15,000,000 per event . 

Participation requirements are a minimum of 21 years with an extendable coverage period of up to 75 years for the main insured and his/her spouse, and 23 years for insured children. 

Most importantly, this product is guaranteed to be received, without health questions and health checks. Of course it is acceptable. 

Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually.

Address and contact

Cigna Tempo 2 Pavilion, Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav. 10, Jakarta 12950; Tel: 1-500-033; WhatsApp 0811961 9500

#2 Simas Insurance

The Cinar Mas Insurance Company offers CIMA a healthy income that provides:

Daily cash compensation of up to IDR 500,000 per day for 365 days

Surgical Reimbursement Provides replacement of operating costs up to IDR 10,000,000 per operation.

Cash prizes that provide benefits of up to Rs. 500.000,- if there is no claim for 12 (twelve) consecutive months.

Death and permanent disability benefits due to accidents in the amount of IDR 100,000,000.

It is important to note that there is a waiting period at Simas Sehat Income, excluding diseases that arise / occur during:

(a) the first 30 days from the date of occurrence of the police unless caused by an accident.

(b) The first 12 months after the effective date of the policy for a disease that is medically declared chronic (even if not notified in advance) can only be covered if it occurs after 12 months from the policy effective date. .

On the Simas website, you can simulate Simas Sehat premium income to find out the amount to be paid according to the participant's status.

Address and contact:

PT Assurance Cinar Mass, Plaza Simaz, Jl. KH Fachrudin No. 18 Tanah Abang, Jakarta 10250, Tel. 021 3902141 (hunting) and tel. 021 5050 9888 (hunting); 24-hour customer service that can be contacted at (021) 235 67888/5050 7888; WhatsApp 0881 1070888.

#3 AXA Mandiri Insurance

AXA Mandiri has the AXA Hospital Plan Health Insurance which provides daily cash compensation for hospitalization and ICU in case of illness or accident, as well as compensation for permanent disability until death and funerals in the event of an accident.

The application process is easy, just answer short health-related questions without the need for a medical examination.

AXA HospitalPlan offers age-appropriate health coverage options, with an age limit of 17 to 60 years with an extendable one-year insurance coverage period (pay premium for one year coverage)

Minimum installments start from IDR 108,333 per month. Unfortunately, there is no information on the available premiums and benefits on the AXA Mandiri website.

This product is offered through telemarketing.

You can also send your name, address and contact number available on the AXA Mandiri website to inquire about AXA Mandiri Hospital Plan products.

Address and contact:

Customer Service Center 1500803 (Spirit) and 1500733 (General)

#4 BCA Insurance

100% Refundable Hospital is a health insurance for BCA customers from BCA Life that provides daily reimbursement for inpatient rooms, as well as daily reimbursement for hospital intensive care units due to illness or accident.

The 100% refundable hospital also provides additional premium refund benefits of up to 200% for death benefits and additional benefits, namely 100% refund of premiums paid for a period of 10 years and the policy is still valid, whether there is a claim or not. for hospitalization.

Premiums start from Rp. 109,000 per month, with the option of paying monthly or annually with automatic debit from a BCA credit card.

I tried to summarize 100% of the premiums and refundable benefits of BCA Hospital in this table (for details on all premiums, you can check here):

very good
Benefits monthly
Per day
IDR 119,000
356,000 IDR 600,000

BCA Hospital Premium Cash Package

This product is marketed through telemarketing channels.

Address and contact:

HALO BCA with telephone number: 1500888;; BCA Life head office with telephone number: 021-21888000.

#5 Securing Sun Life and Cimb Niaga

X-Tra Active Pro & X-Tra Active Plus, insurance bank cooperation between Bank CIMB Niaga and Sun Life Financial, provides daily compensation for hospitalization due to infectious diseases and accidents of Rs. 1,600,000/day and death up to Rs 80 crore.

This insurance only requires one payment for protection for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year starting from IDR 45,000 per 3 months regardless of age group.

The purchase process is also very easy because it can be done online on the Sun Life Indonesia website and the policy is activated immediately. However, this insurance can only be owned by CIMB Niaga customers and premium payments are made online via a credit card or CIMB Niaga bank account.

A. X-Tra Active Plus Insurance

NS. Secure X-Tra Active Pro

Address and contact:

CIMB Sun Life Customer Call Center, 021 5289 0018 or 0800 189 0018; Email: customer.service@cimbsunlife.com

#6 Permata Bank Insurance

Permata AVA iFamily Protection is a life insurance with daily hospitalization benefits and 100% premium return for families.

This insurance is actually life insurance but also provides additional benefits for hospital cash plans, namely the following benefits:

100% sum assured for death and additional 100% sum insured for death due to accident

Day care allowance up to IDR 3.5 million and ICU day care allowance up to IDR 7 million

Individual premium starts from IDR 500,000 per year for daily compensation of IDR 100,000 per day.

I summarize the premiums and benefits of Permata AVA iFamily Protection as follows (details can be seen here):

very good
compensation benefits
Per day
Rp 500,000
Rp 1,000,000 Rp 300,000
Rp 9,000,000 Rp 1,500,000 Rp

Permata AVA iFamily Protection Premium Insurance Schedule

Address and contact:

Hello Astra Life Center, Email: hello@astralife.co.id, Pondok Indah Office Tower 3, 1st Floor, Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda K. V – TA, Pondok Indah, South Jakarta 12310

#7 Allianz Insurance Company

Allianz Dana Kesehatanku is a health insurance that provides cash benefits in the event of an injury or illness and undergoing hospitalization and surgery, and is applicable worldwide.

The advantages of Allianz My Health Fund are:

Hospital Inpatient Daily Cash Benefit IDR 250,000 per day (maximum 180 days per year)

Reimbursement of operating costs, per hospitalization, 50% of the actual operating costs, up to a maximum of IDR 2,500,000 The premium is

IDR 450,000 for ages 15 days to 59 years.

very good
Annual benefits
Per day
IDR 250,000 IDR 450,000 IDR

Allianz Premium Schedule My Health Fund

The exception to this Allianz cash program health insurance is that no benefits are provided for hospitalizations that occur within 30 days of the policy's effective date, unless caused by an accident.

In addition, a number of illnesses or events leading to death will not be paid for by benefit claims, namely: pre-existing illness or injury, alcohol, pregnancy, childbirth, infertility, abortion and its complications, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, and psychiatry. . and mental disorders.

You can read the details of Slices here.

d contact address:

PT Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia, Allianz Tower, Jl. HR. Rasuna Said, Kuningan Persada Super Block 2 Area, South Jakarta 12980, Tel. +62 21 2926 9999] FAX. +62 21 2926 9090 Email: feedback@allianz.co.id

Tips for choosing a hospital money package

From the experience of looking for cash-based health insurance, I have some tips that may be useful for those of you who want to get this type of insurance.

A. Understand the benefits of a cash plan

Read and understand the benefits of a cash plan. You should know that this type of insurance pays on a reimbursement basis for a certain amount according to the number of days of hospital stay.

Take a look at the types of hospital cash plans offered by each insurance company as they may differ.

Some pay daily compensation for 365 days a year, but some only pay 180 days a year.

Don't expect hospital benefits, hospitalization benefits such as room reimbursement, and medical expenses, such as health insurance.

Therefore, hospital cash plans are better positioned as supplementary insurance, rather than primary health insurance.

NS. Installments of up to 10% of income

While it is important to have insurance and a pillar of a healthy family financial plan, you must also pay attention to your financial ability to pay premiums.

Don't let your desire for the best insurance hold you back by paying expensive premiums.

Under the guidance of a financial planner, the maximum gross premium is 10% of monthly income.

To be able to get an economical premium, you must consider the benefits provided by insurance.

The higher the interest, the higher the premium cost.

If your budget is tight, focus on products that provide the benefits you need.

NS. Read the terms and insurance policies

Read the terms carefully and thoroughly because not all cash plan products have the same conditions.

I usually see and I check the exception clause, for example there is insurance that can only be claimed 30 days after the policy is issued.

There are insurance companies that do not accept claims due to certain diseases.

What is covered, what is not covered. This information is important to know who reads the insurance policy.

In addition, from what I read in the policy, there are insurances that do not make a 100% double claim if they have used BPJS Health. The following is the statement in the sentence:

"Benefits of BPJS replacement: The company will replace it per day if all inpatient costs with BPJS are paid according to the chosen plan for a maximum of 30 days per policy year."

This means, even though the policy can redeem 365 days per year, but if the insurance participant joins BPJS Kesehatan, the maximum reimbursement day will be reduced to a maximum of 30 days per year.

Not all cash package insurance applies to this item. Many also do not.

But you have to make sure, the only way, is to read the insurance policy.

Another example of a clause in an insurance policy, read the following:

This policy does not apply to any type of treatment suffered by the insured due to the following:

Hospitalization or diagnosis of pre-existing conditions, or
Accidents due to sports and hazardous activities. Such as: bungee jumping, mountain climbing, kayaking, skydiving, diving, auto/motorcycle racing and more.
Accident due to breaking the law. Such as: riots, fights or actions that are carried out intentionally and/or planned.
The good news is that there is a so-called “free viewing period”.

The policy study period is called the free study period for a period of 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the time the policy document is received by the policyholder. If you cancel the policy during the free review period, the premium payment will be refunded 100%.

Most cash plan insurance is offered through telemarketing or bank insurance at bank branch offices, perhaps because the product is considered simple, but often not much information is conveyed in full.

Take advantage of the free review period to find all the information related to the document.

D- Choose a reliable insurance company

The insurance business is about the future and trust. Policyholders pay today, and new benefits come moments or even years later.

So you should choose a trusted insurance company with a proven track record.

So when a claim is made, the insurance company stays in place and can fulfill the claim as per the terms of the policy.

In addition, the availability of 24-hour service from the insurance company is also important. Because we are talking about health insurance that needs speed and don't know when to claim.

E. How to find a cash plan

My experience when looking for a hospital cash plan at each company is a bit complicated because insurance often doesn't list the hospital cash plan insurance products but uses promotional or advertising language that is often unclear.

It is not easy to find.

The key and you have to see the benefits There is no word for daily reimbursement of hospitalization costs, ease of application and claims processing.

In addition, there are insurance companies that prepare hospital cash plans as additional (passenger) insurance from the main insurance.

This type is not what I was looking for. If the cash plan is the runner up, the premiums will be expensive, because you have to buy main insurance as well.

I want the cash plan insurance to be the main insurance, not as a passenger.

Hospital cash plan FAQ

What is health insurance for hospital cash plans?

Insurance that provides daily compensation during hospitalization

How much is the hospital cash package premium?

Affordable premiums, starting from Rp. 100 thousand per month.

Is it easy to claim the hospital cash package?

It's generally easy because the policyholder only needs to prove that he or she has been hospitalized. The “exceptions” for this insurance are relatively few.

Can I file multiple claims with BPJS or office health insurance?

You can, but check the policy again because there are some insurances that limit the number of days of claims if you have used BPJS.

Should a hospital cash plan be primary insurance?

Not because the benefits are relatively limited, the cash plan must be in the form of additional insurance outside BPJS Health or health insurance for hospital health benefits.

You have to do this and take advantage of the free review period of 14 days from the policy approval because during the free to cancel viewing period, the premium is 100% refunded .


Hospitalization costs are not cheap. Need to think about how to beat the cost of treatment in the hospital.

For me, getting BPJS health insurance is mandatory because the benefits are extraordinary, cashless and without premiums are very economical. However, BPJS Health alone is not enough for various reasons.

Want to take the hospital the benefits of expensive health insurance.

With a limited budget, one solution is to get a health insurance product for a hospital cash plan. Premium is cheap, claims are easy, refunds can be used for everything and can be claimed twice.

Judging from the premium table above, CIMB Niaga X-Tra Active Plus Insurance is the most appropriate choice for young adults who are looking for a hospital cash plan insurance to complement their BPJS. Because it has a very high value for reimbursement of daily hospital fees and the cheapest annual installments.

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